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  1. Glee RULES & REGULATIONS GOVERNING PARTICIPATION IN KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI I. CONTEST DESCRIPTION: „Kaun Banega Crorepati” is a quiz based game show primarily in Hindi language which is being produced by BIG Synergy Media Limited (“Producer”) for initial exhibition on Sony Entertainment Television channel (“Channel”) which channel is owned by Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt. Ltd. and/or its affiliates. II. DEFINITIONS: 1. “Auditions”: means the ground Auditions held at various cities on certain dates as informed to the selected Contestant(s). 2. “Auditionee(s)”: The Registrant(s) who is selected for participation in the Auditions 3. “Back-up Participant(s)”: The Auditionee(s) selected to participate in the Fastest Finger First round of the Competition, only in case any selected Participant(s) does not appear for the shoot at the Studio, for any reason. 4. “Company/SPN”: Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt. Ltd and/or its affiliates, the organizers of the Competition. 5. “Competition”: General knowledge quiz titled “Kaun Banega Crorepati “KBC”). 6. “Contestant(s): The Registrant(s), Auditionee(s), Participant(s), Back-up Participant(s), Hot Seat Contestant(s) all collectively referred to as “Contestant(s)”. Any Contestant who has made it once to the Hot Seat of the current season of the Competition or any of the previous seasons of the Competition, he/she will not be eligible to participate in the current season of the Competition 7. “Celebrity special/s”: Any Episode/s of the Show specially recorded with Celebrity Hot Seat Contestant(s). 8. “Contributor”: Any person other than the Contestant(s), who participates, attends, and/or is present at any of the Auditions, Competition, the Studio, the Program, and/or the Show. 9. “Episode” An episode of the Program. 10. “Fastest-Finger First/FFF” means that part of the Program where a question is asked to the selected Participant(s), who in turn shall answer the same. The first Participant to correctly answer the question shall be entitled to proceed to the Hot Seat as the Hot Seat Contestant. 11. “Hot Seat Contestant(s)” means the winning Contestant(s) of the Fastest Finger First round and who occupies the Hot Seat before the host of the Program to participate further in the Competition.

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